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SCI FI Weekly interviews Rob & Kristen

Is it true that you and [director] Catherine Hardwicke knew immediately from his audition that Robert was the right guy to play Edward?

Stewart: Not to discredit anyone who came in to read for the part, and I wish I had a more articulate way to put it, but Robert came in and he wasn't just playing the strikingly handsome vampire. Deep down, I could see the pain in him. And he looked at me for real. He wasn't just auditioning. He was present. He was there. We could see each other. That's what needs to be in the movie.

What do you remember of your audition with Kristen Stewart?

Pattinson: I didn't even know I was doing a reading when I went into the audition. So I went in thinking one thing, and then Kristen was already there and she had already done readings with tons of other people. As well as doing this performance, which I really wasn't expecting, she was also a little bit jaded. I think she'd done about 10 readings that day. I was kind of intimidated by what she was doing. I was stunned because it was so different from what I was expecting. And I guess it never really changed the whole way through, which kind of works, just in terms of the story, me having to be the powerful one but being intimidated by her. The relationship built from that. It was always a struggle for me to say things to her in scenes. Everything seemed sort of strained and, weirdly enough, it came out looking right. Almost from day one there was just something which worked, but it was a completely unorthodox way of going at it. We really weren't trying to act like we were really in love with each other right from the beginning. It was more about trying to intimidate each other and showing how much we didn't care about the other person, which I guess worked. In a lot of ways that's how long-lasting relationships work.

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