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I saw Robert in Boston!

So I went to the Hot Topic event in Boston and got to see Rob. I went and waited in line for the ticket to get into the signing around 9pm. What sucks is I was like the 470th person but I didn't get into the signing. People before 250 were guaranteed to get in no matter what but just because I was one of the 500 people didn't mean I could get in because those 250 people bought more than one ticket.

So I was majorly bummed out, but some really nice guy that worked at Hot Topic told me how I could go to the mall at like 10am and start lining up to see Rob answer questions.

I got there around 10:30 and pretty much just sat there all day waiting until 7:30 at night when I would get to see Rob. It was cool because I was only like the fifth row back from him because all the people that went to the signing got there later. So I got nice close up pictures and my mom actually got the whole thing on video for me from another angle.

The only thing that really disappointed me was that I couldn't hear a damn thing he said! I can understand screaming for him in the beginning, but when he starts talking you should shut the hell up and let the guy speak. It drove me insane. I couldn't hear one word he said which sucked. He's even said he hates the screaming on tons of interviews and the Hot Topic employees even told us not to hours before he came on stage. He only stayed about eight minutes tops, but I think he would've stayed a little bit longer if people actually stopped screaming.

But I was very happy I at least got to see him. So as soon as I can I'll post the video and pictures.
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