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"New Blood" On Top Magazine

So this sunday, in a 'news paper magazine' comes an article about twilight, the movie... It is in spanish, but i've translated it.

The 22 year old English actor is the protagonist of the movie twilight, where he plays the vampire Edward Cullen, who has turned into the new hit of the fantastic movies.

In 1994 was an exstasi see the cinematographic image of Brad Pitt, who playing the vampire Louis, answered the questions of a young reporter interested in his immortality.

14 years later, the most desired vampire of the new milenium is another one... Though he also gives an interview in a Beverly Hills Hotel.
The Movie has changed, now it’s Twilight, based in the succesfull novel and will be realeased the next Friday 21th.

Robert Pattinson, is sitting-Like in a movie scene-In a elegant couch, dressed all black, with his gold hair pefectly messed, his ring under the eye of being tired... framing his clear eyes.
The image is of Edward Cullen, the vampire whos beauty it’s impossible to stop looking at, according to the description of “Twilight” the most sold book of the year.
More impressive it’s when the 5’11 actor stands up to greet with a kiss and starts speaking with a sexy english accent.
“The true is that the vampires never interested me to much. I like “Nosferatu” (1922) because of the way it was filmed, the actor is amazing, scares, though i still don’t understand why the people likes ‘em (vampires) a lot” Says the 22 year old actor.
But it’s easy to understand it, if you have read the Stephenie Meyer’s novel; in which she describes to Cullen basically as the perfect man, with perfect appareance of demigod and a big heart.
Now, the responsability of fill every single fantasy that every girl dream with that vampire falls over Pattinson.
“I played Edward in a different way of the typical cliches; I did it like if being vampire were a disease, not something good. There’s a lot of movies, so i tried to make a more natural character, not so exaggerated”
And clarifies Meyer, is because of that, this ‘London young boy’ won the roll.
“We analyze, thousands and thousands of interviews, the casting was exhaustive, but when we saw Robert, we loved the interpretation; he was the one who made it better.”
Although, the also musician says that he never expected get the roll.
“I was very nervous, because i’ve readed the book and the script, and i thought that i hadn’t anything to do with Edward, i didn’t even knew what i was doing there...
I supossed that they would want a guy like a model for the roll, one of those that knows he’s very handsome. I am so ‘weird’ physically... I mean, i’m used to play ‘weird people’; in fact, i’ve made ‘Dalí’ (Little Ashes) and a guy who needs personal help of a guru (How to be)” Says Pattinson.
But even though his modesty feels honest, seems like he forgot the roll which made him known worldwide: “Cedric Diggory” In Harry Potter and the globet of fire (2005) so we reminded him that there was where he played the most handsome guy of Hogwarts.
“Well yeah, Cedric was handsome” Admits “But he was a ‘normal handsome’, and now Edward is the most handsome man on the earth”
“I guess that i was pretty sure that i wouldn’t get the roll, that i relaxed and it worked, they gave it to me. I was so surprised, because when i get in the audition i felt that i went to embarasse myself, just for ask for the roll; and i got into a shock when they said me that was me. Didn’t have sense.”

In the twilight novel, the author, doesn’t get tired of describe the beauty of Edward: Brown hair, marble skin, sculptural body, golden eyes. This obsession with the appareance of the vampire was which most work take to Pattinson when he had to personify him.
“It was very complicated because they care a lot about me to make me look ‘pretty’. I had to be watching all the time, know in what angle i looked better, how they would illuminate me and make up, from the hair, to the beard, everything. That was really annoying, i had to take much care of my ‘takes’, to look the best possible.”
But he hadn’t feel himself as a handsome human, but with the mistery and mysticism of a different being.
“Besides of made Edward just like his dialogues, actions. I had to be acting all the time like a vampire, not as someone normal. It was like a two parallels rolls that fights between each other. Was a triple work”


To summarize, the people describes “Twilight” (The movie) like a “Romeo And Juliet of vampires”. Edward, this perfect being, falls in love with Bella (Kristen Stewart), a simple high school girl.

The forbidden relationship, is the reason because the book has had so much success, more between women, who vibrate when they thinkg that something like that could happen.
It was another ‘weight’ more for Pattinson.

“I worked a lot not because the movie it’s big, but because i like to do it well. For commitment with myself. Kristen and I made a good chemistry. And it can be really appreciated on the screen
It’s true that they’re already a very know characters, but happens something so mystic when you see them for real (there says something like “Of skin and bones”) theres a transformation, how it portrays their relationship, how it looks, it’s real
Honestly i think it’s a weird movie, which is good, because it doesn’t seem like something in the ‘sort’ not even formulated. I don’t know how explain in what’s different, but it is”

Pattinson finish his interview and takes him just a few secons to dissapear of the room... He goes away like if he were a vampire.


When it’s about to compare the advantages that the vampires has with the movie stars. Robert Pattinson assures that there’s a trap with the fame.
“The actors, like the vampires, attract to a lot of people; they’re powerfull in that aspect. For example, if ‘someone’ anounces of an event wich Brad Pitt is going to be, everyone wants to go. That’s how the vampires are”

What he didn’t imagine in that moment was that he was a few days away to pass for the same thing... In Mexico, where he came the past october 23th to promote his twilight movie.
To see it, some girls went to sleep to the place where his presentation would be.
There, arrive more than a thousand fans and there were accidents,.commotion screams and pushes.
In the private event. Pattinson didn’t imagine that he even couldn’t go to the toilet without the ‘groupies’ following him; all ‘em arround him and watching him without can speak of the extasi.
Even though his obvious fatigue, he was always able to sign every ‘paper’ or take a picture with who asked him to.
“I’ve never imagine that this would happen in Mexico. I didn’t see it coming” He said in a quiet moment.
But the fame has bite him, and he'll never would rest in peace.

So i translated this by myself and i'm not sure if it's quite alright, but i thought would be fine if i share it :) and there's a couple of more articles about the movie... and one about Stephenie, i'll post 'em later
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