911_turbo (911_turbo) wrote in lion_lamb,

"Dark Star Dawns" - Toronto Star Rob Article

The Toronto Star had an article about Rob on the front page of the Entertainment section today. I thought there were a few Rob comments that were pretty LOL-worthy, and they even have a sidebar of fangirly comments from the internet XD Personally, I think the last one is quite funny (which may make me a horrible person).

Click Here
to see the article.

BTW, "Dark Star Dawns" was the title they used in the actual paper. And they had a different picture as well. It was one I think I've seen before (If anyone else saw it and knows where it's from, comment and tell me!), and the caption was basically the same as the online one, except it started with "Oh, that hair!"


Tags: movie: articles, robert pattinson
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