S (sexycereal) wrote in lion_lamb,

Fic: You Never Get You Old Skin Back (Chapter Three)

Title: You Never Get Your Old Skin Back
Author: sexycereal
Characters/Pairing: Bella/Edward
Rating: NC-17
Category: All Human AU.
Summary: Bella's college experience is pretty boring until the Cullens transfer for the second semester of freshman year.
Author's Note: This started out mostly to amuse bliccy and myself. It's AHAU so it's not going to be groundbreaking stuff. I doubt there is an original plot left out there for this genre. The whole purpose of this fic is to hopefully be entertaining and not too serious. Everyone needs a bit of angsty smutty fluff now and then, right?

You never get your old skin back once you have loved like that.
Tags: fanfiction
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