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Article in German BRAVO

YAY, the first German article I've seen. I kind of feared that BRAVO would be the first one to publish an article over here, but anyway... it's something, isn't? (:

Bigger scan and translation are under the cut.

Click on the picture to get the actual size of the scan. And yes, those are the actual colors. I didn't change anything.

Translation (Thanks to helenadazzle for helping!):
This movie is not for the faint-hearted! It's about vampires, creeps, lots of blood – and a big love! The reason for the new cult status of the bloodsuckers: The worldwide celebrated book bestseller “Twilight” has finally been shot into a movie – and it's opening November 21st in the US cinemas. And this is the eerily beautiful love story: When maverick Isabella “Bella” Swan (Kristen Stewart) has to move to the dull town of Forks in Washington state to live with her father she's really not enthusiastic about her new boring home. But that changes as she attends the new school for the very first time. Because that's where Bella meets the mysterious boy Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) and she's feeling attracted to him instantly. He's different from the other boys: funny, intelligent – and he didn't age since 1918. Edward is a vampire, and he has been looking for his soul mate for 90 years – and now he believes that he found her: Bella. The undead and the young girl fall in love at first sight – but that carries big danger! Edward has to contain himself and resist the tempting smell of Bella's skin – because one bite would kill his big love. And then suddenly the evil vampire James appears. His goal: to kill Bella and enjoy her fresh blood. A race against time begins. Edward protects his Bella with all his superpowers against the attacker. But will he win the most important battle of his life?
The answer will also be revealed in our cinemas on January 15th, 2009.

I know, that's not really good English *coughs*. But the article itself was written in... well, very colloquial German for young girls (BRAVO is a magazine for teenagers around 10-14.)...

Enjoy (:
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