RedAngelTeflon (redangelteflon) wrote in lion_lamb,

Kristen Stewart and Nikki Reed (with Jason Mewes) new Project "K-11"

I found more information about the movie project that Nikki Reed, Kristen Stewart, Jason Mewes are doing.

apparently the film is going to be directed by Kristen's Mom (she's also a writer) Jules Stewart
an will be produced by "WinMark" Studios with Producers like John McAdams, Benjamin Statler and Executive Produced by  Tom Wright Jr.

Posted: Nov-05
K-11 Feature Film Studio: WinMark Studios SAG, IATSE Draft: 10/3/08 Executive Producer: Tom Wright, Jr. Producers: John McAdams, Benjamin Statler ...

found on this this website:

and also a website that is underconstruction here:

it's an independent Studio Company:

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