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Collider.Com posted a pretty great live interview with the Cullen clan (minus Rob) on their site. They've posted an audio of the whole thing which is highly recommended because there's a few things they missed on the transcribe.

Q. Peter can you talk about your look in this movie…the physical transformation.

Peter Facinelli: We did like a week of testing all the different kinds of makeup. The makeup team was phenomenal and the actors were very patient. We worked it out. But they had some kind of gadget from Japan and it was like an ionizer and it was weird because, as they put the makeup on you, if they touched you, you would get shocked. It was one of the those things were you had to be very careful but, then again, it was early in the morning so if you did get shocked, it kind of woke you up a little bit. The makeup was part of the transformation. For me it was blonde in a bottle. That took a good day at the salon.

Click here for the whole thing + audio download
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