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New Fanfic! __ Never Alone - A Bella & Edward Story

Title: Never Alone - A Bella & Edward story[1/?]
Author: neeluh 
Pairing: Bella/Edward, (maybe Bella/Jake)
Rating: K+ for now.. Might turn in to T later on.. Just to be on the safe side (I'm new at this :/)
POV: Bella
Spoilers: New moon, so far..
Disclaimer: I only wish these characters were mine ;) But I'm just borrowing them from the amazing, Stephenie so that I can get better at writing :D
Summary: A Bella and Edward story.. New moon.. Edward is still gone, its been a couple of months, and Bella is suffering and trying to cope.. An alternative story.. I know the summary might not be the best, but read it, I swear you won't regret it :D
Note: This is my first fanfiction ever, and story in 4 years, so comments and ratings are SO appreciated! I beg you guys! lol :D No, but seriously, I would love it! Thanks.. Please enjoy, and tell me if I should keep writing on it or not..

Chapter 1

Tags: fanfiction
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