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Boston Globe: I was a teenage vampire (Rob interview)

Nice Rob artcile/interview on 
I was a teenage vampire

British actor Robert Pattinson's break-out role in 'Twilight' has girls swooning - and the movie hasn't even opened yet
LOS ANGELES -There's no ignoring those lips, and Robert Pattinson is the first to admit it. They're red, almost blood red, and they took a lot of lipstick to create. Pattinson is not proud.
 It wasn't as bad as having his naturally luxurious eyebrows plucked into submission for "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix." ("At first I said, 'No way, that's for girls,' " he said. "But I let them.") Though it wasn't easy, either. The lipstick was piled on so thick that no amount of wiping could erase it entirely at the end of the workday.
I can't seem to get the lj-cut to work, so click the link for the full article. Sorry 'bout that!
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