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My Own Shirt Design

This is my first post here(I hope I did it right). I'm seeing all over about the t-shirts that everyone is getting and I thought there were a little expensive considering I want more than one. So I decided to make my own shirts. One t-shirt at Hot Topic or is around $25 each and for $10 I can make around 10 shirts. So I bought some Transfer Paper from ebay and designed my own shirts that look gorgeous. Has anyone else made there own designs? Here are mine under cut:

(I know about the eye color, its just that the red was seeming too much but I will probably go back and change it. I found this picture online somewhere)

I beg of you please don't steal my It took me forever to make them(b/c they had to be huge in size for the shirts and find HQ pics wasn't easy)

What do you think? Be honest
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