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New Moon Poster Contest

(Just for the fun of it)

For all you icon makers, banner creators, and even just photo manipulating crazed fans out there.

With Twilight fever coming to it's incredible and long awaited climax, following such a long period full of anxiety about all things Twilight, I thought it would be fun to have a contest.

The Plan:

Create a New Moon Movie Poster from the graphics, and photos available out there. You know where to find them.
All manipulations need to be submitted/Emailed to by November 20th.
The various contest submissions will then be posted on Lion_Lamb by November 23rd. ( post "Twilight" time.)
All Lion_Lamb members will have until December 1st to place their votes. The winner will be announced on December 5th, 2008.

**The Rules**

1. All entries must contain characters CURRENTLY CAST IN THE TWILIGHT FILM. While I vehemently support the freedom of this fandom which allows for expression of other casting ideas, this contest is geared towards New Moon as it will be. (Notice my frank optimism that Twilight will be a raging success.) Not as many wish it to be.

2. No overt nudity or obscene language will be considered. These things shouldn't actually be on Lion_Lamb in the first place, and will be excluded from the contest.

3. Hand drawn entries are acceptable (not to mention impressive), but again, I revert to Rule #1, which applies to this form of art as well.

4. There will be no bashing. Discretion is the better part of valour, not to mention good manners.

5. This is a contest to simulate a MOVIE POSTER. Please no animated graphics, or video files, thank you.

6. Your submissions MUST include your Live Journal ID. IF YOU FORGET TO INCLUDE IT, YOU MAY BE DISQUALIFIED.EDIT: (Please list Live Journal ID in Email, not on poster)

7. For continuity, I'm going to request that everyone use a random and very much FAKE release date of 1/1/08.

Ok, you insanely talented Twilight fans, get on it!
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