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InStyle: From Dusk Till Dawn

Procrastination is my middle name. Here I am, in the on-campus library using ProQuest (a periodical database) and I decide to type in Twilight to see if any new articles come up. Voila! I found the InStyle article that will be in the December 2008 issue. I'm also including the credits because I know there was some "debate" about whether there would only be one picture - looks like there'll be several (eeee!). InStyle will have a behind-the-scenes look at the photoshoot on their website tomorrow, not that anyone needs reminding. ;)

By Kwala Mandel

The cool-kid cast of the much anticipated vampire movie TWILIGHT take a bite out of traditional black-and-white. The result is tuxedo-inspired style that shines until the sun comes up.

"If we were throwing our own party, this is what we would wear," says Kristen Stewart, who stars as love-struck Bella Swan in Twilight, the film about vampires with a conscience based on the first book in Stephenie Meyer's super-successful series. The making of the movie--set beneath the moody skies of Portland, Ore.--was literally a cozy affair. "Shooting in the Pacific Northwest meant lots of jackets, hoodies and thermals," recalls the 18-year-old Stewart, who joins castmates Rachelle Lefevre, 28, Kellan Lutz, 23, Robert Pattinson, 22, and Nikki Reed, 20, to trade in their rain gear for tuxedo-inspired fashion. It's a welcome change for Pattinson, who rarely attempts so much as a tie. "In formal stuff, I generally end up looking about 12. I can't remember the last time I wore a tux. But this," he says, pointing to his unbuttoned shirt and fitted dinner jacket, "feels like I haven't put any effort into it." In leather dress pants, beaded jackets, rhinestone-encrusted accessories and sparkling trousers ("Any minute Kellan is going to tell me he can see himself in my pants," jokes Reed, examining the reflective sequins), the actors put a sexy twist on traditional black-tie. "It's like we've gone in and taken our grandmother's silver, brought it outside and tarnished it. Very irreverent!" says Lefevre. Reed agrees, kicking off 4-inch heels to walk barefoot in her cocktail dress. "I feel like I should be sitting on an old, purple velvet couch," she says. "Just being fabulous."

"I get nervous if I know I have to be somewhere looking good. But if you get it right, there's no better feeling."

"There are no capes or fangs. My character is conflicted. He wants to go unnoticed, but he's got an innate sense of style."

"This group is like a moving party. We're a herd."

"I feel like the girl who ditches a cocktail party to see a rock band play."

"I don't think anyone here gets a full shift of sleep. We love to stay up as much as we can."


[SASHA EISENMAN; STYLED BY ERIC NICHOLSON]; Left to right: ROBERT PATTINSON Burberry blazer. Band of Outsiders shirt. Dolce & Gabbana tie. Rock & Republic jeans. Gold Toe socks. Vintage shoes. NIKKI REED D&G dress. Phi bustier bra. Prada shoes. Gerard Yosca necklace. KELLAN LUTZ Calvin Klein Collection suit. Paul Smith shirt. Band of Outsiders bow tie. Karen Millen scarf (top). Mister Freedom scarf (bottom). Gold Toe socks. Vintage shoes. KRISTEN STEWART Wunderkind jacket. Roberto Cavalli top. Diane von Furstenberg skirt. Gucci boots. RACHELLE LEFEVRE Marchesa jacket. Topshop tank. Lauren Jeans Co. by Ralph Lauren pants. Christian Louboutin slingbacks. Tigerlilly headpiece.; PHOTO


[SASHA EISENMAN; STYLED BY ERIC NICHOLSON]; Lefevre, left: Alexander McQueen coat and pants; van Laack shirt; Phi heels. Reed, center: What Goes Around Comes Around jacket; Nanette Lepore vest; Converse by John Varvatos pants; Alexander McQueen booties. Stewart, right: Lanvin blazer, pants, pumps and necklace.; PHOTO

[SASHA EISENMAN; STYLED BY ERIC NICHOLSON]; Pattinson: Marc Jacobs blazer; Band of Outsiders shirt; Rock & Republic jeans; vintage shoes. Stewart: Chanel pants and blouse; Giles & Brother by Philip Crangi necklaces and cuff.; PHOTO

[SASHA EISENMAN; STYLED BY ERIC NICHOLSON]; Chanel gown. Roxanne Assoulin for Lee Angel bangles.; PHOTO

[SASHA EISENMAN; STYLED BY ERIC NICHOLSON; MENSWEAR STYLING: MICHAEL KUCMEROSKI]; Pattinson, left: Band of Outsiders shirt and jacket; Rock & Republic jeans; vintage shoes. Stewart, center: Helmut Lang jacket; Zac Posen shirt; KJeans jeans; Yves Saint Laurent sandals; Roxanne Assoulin for Lee Angel necklace. Lutz, right: Dolce & Gabbana jacket and shirt; Dior Homme jeans; vintage shoes and necklace.; PHOTO
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