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Kidd Kraddick In the Morning pranks Galleria fans

Alright so kccafan4ever  posted a little on this earlier today but I feel ellaboration is needed because of the HILARITY of my favorite morning show here in Dallas.

So Kidd & J-si thought it'd be funny if they took Sexy Jack to the Galleria about 3 hours early [before Rob showed up for the meet & greet] and try to pass him off as Rob...basically because he's British and apparently kinda looks like Rob [pics HERE for your judgements]...from afar...or on a security camera, rather? I don't know [maybe from REALLY far away but...I'm not buying it]...BUT IT WORKED! A little too well. Needless to say the show members involved nearly got ARRESTED but they did manage to shut down several stores so that Sexy Jack..aka Rob...could peruse freely. They did all this w/o EVER saying that Sexy Jack was in fact Robert Pattinson. I was laughing for like...an hour! Anyway...more extensive linkage for you if you'd like to listen to the hilarious scenario:

Here & here you can find J-si & Big Al's [respectively] blogs about it from today...they kinda explain what went down.

If you visit the main homepage here and click on Media and then KPOD a little box will appear and you can listen to exactly what aired this morning. I highly recommend it b/c you'll laugh so hard.

ALSO at the time that Big Al, J-si & Sexy Jack were duping fans @ the Galleria, Kidd was actually interviewing Rob [YUM]. They apparently ran out of time and didn't get a chance to play it today but they're supposed to be playing it live on the air tomorrow morning [the website says the full interview will be up next week?] so if you're in the Metroplex listen in and if you're not then you can listen live on their website : 106.1 KISS FM

In closing I'd like to just say that it's crap that they scrapped Rob's shirtless scenes!!!! And that I cannot believe more than 3,000 people camped out for the Galleria signing. OMG! I consider myself hardcore but...I have my limits! Plus I was afraid after the SanFran-a-no-no event so I opted out. LOL! I heard a girl talking about standing in the thunderstorms early, early Monday morning for 4 hours today @ class and she didn't get to see Rob at all...I was like, "you poor girl!" But then I thought..."well, why weren't you there SUNDAY night?" LOL! Kidding, kidding. But for real...the fandom has kinda gone nutzo w/ these events. I'm interested to see how the rest of them unfold.

Enjoy this prank b/c IT WAS GENIUS. But I still feel sorry for all those fangirls who were fooled =(

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