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'Twilight' Insider's Guide

This is on Yahoo! Movies front page. It's a gallery of a photos that we've already seen, but with captions of character's info and some things from Catherine Hardwicke on the characters.

Catherine Hardwicke on "Edward" --
Casting and creating this role on film was the supreme challenge of the film. We had to find the "most handsome man in the world" -- the object of every female reader's affection -- and he had to be a nuanced, soulful actor with pale skin AND able to pass for a high school student. Even with all these requirements, after an extensive search, we found four candidates. Then came the real test: chemistry with
Kristen Stewart. Robert flew over from London for the "chemistry test," and when he and Kristen did a series of scenes together you could really feel their connection It was electric.

Source: http://movies.yahoo.com/holiday-movies/Twilight/1810010670/photos/491/11763#info

hope the tags are okay.
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