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OMFG!! Comic Con NYC News!

OK Guys trying to breath here LMAO. I contacted comic con with a few questions and zomg... They are trying to get some of the cast there. I also asked about volunteering as well: 

From my email:


Thank you for your email.  As I said before, we know there are a lot of Twilight fans, and there are a lot on our staff, too.

We're actively working with the company behind the Twilight movie, and the company will play a role in NYCC.  Ultimately, whether they bring cast from Twilight is their decision.  We're aiming for it, but they need to make the call

Looking to volunteering, we will have volunteers in our main theater where casts and crews from films appear, but these casts and crews typically come in to do their panel and out right after, so there is no time to hang out.  They're very busy people, and we're very happy to have them, but they're typically at the show for only a few hours

We'll be starting to announce our schedule online on december 15
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