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Ages and rating

I have some general questions about how old many fans are and what your opinion is of the different movie ratings.

First off all, a general poll to gain a perspective. Please be kind and fill this out, if you happen to read this and be a Twilight fan! :)

Poll #1295994 Ages of Twilight fans

What sex are?


How old are you, as of November 21st 2008?

Below 11
above 35

ETA: Um, there is accidently two options for age 25 so if you're 25, just pick one :)

Now I know the movie isn't out yet and we haven't seen it so we cannot make a valid judgement about it yet (except from the few lucky ones that have seen it) but I was wondering: what do you think would be an appropriate movie rating for the movie Twilight, based on the novel and of the clips and interviews you have seen so far?

The reason I'm bringing this is up is because here in Sweden, the movie distribution just gave out the movie rating and it is to become 'from 15 years old'. This has caused a lot of complains and grievance from tons of fans who happen to be below age of 15.

In the US, it is rated PG-13 which for me seem to be an appropriate rating. Here, '15 years' is the higest rating a movie can get and can be compared to the US rating 'R'. Yes, what movies get that rating? Movies that contain lots of violence, horror and actual porn. Now the rating system is a bit different here in Sweden. The more violent a movie is, the higher rating while when it comes sex it's not that big (comparison: Sex and The City had a US rating of R, whilst here in Sweden it was pretty much G-rated.)

I think you can see why this has made several Swedish fans distressed and angry. Especially considering the fact that all the other famous fantasy/sci-fic/action movies (Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Bond series, Star Wars) were given in the US, I think PG-13 and in Sweden, are from 11 years old (i.e below 15).

What do you all think? Do you think Twilight the movie, would be so scary and well...violent in a gruesome way that it would not be suitable for children below 15? Or is the movie company being really stupid?

ETA: I just wanted to say that it is really interesting to read all your comments and perspectives so thank you :)
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