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Twilight in Hero Complex

I found this on the LA Times website:

Twilight, Twi-bright, first vamp I see tonight: I'm not sure the world is prepared for how huge "Twilight" is going to be, at least if Internet activity is any sort of predictor of movie box-office grosses. Today's "Twilight" update: Rotten Tomatoes now has a massive 93-image photo gallery from the movie (um, isn't that pretty much the whole movie?) while Gina McIntyre has an interview with Robert Pattinson on the fang-mania. "'It’s happened since the day it got said that I was playing the part,' Pattinson said, running his hands through his hair. 'It was like a day when it changed. [People went from saying] ‘Are you the guy from ‘Harry Potter’? to ‘It’s Edward!’ It’s really, really strange.' When asked if he thinks he’ll ever become accustomed to that aspect of his newfound celebrity, he simply replied, 'No. It’s just a certain amount of acceptance, I guess. The only kind of strange thing is when you get photographed...I don’t think you’d ever get used to that. You can’t really live normally when that’s happening.' " [Entertainment News and Buzz, Los Angeles Times]

The pictures on Rotten Tomatoes are pretty big.  A lot we've seen but they are all on one convenient slideshow.
*Actually, there are quite a few pictures that I haven't seen before!*

Source: latimesblogs.latimes.com/herocomplex/twilight/index.html

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