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Darkest of Nights - A Midnight Sun Fanmix

After reading (and rereading and rereading) the Midnight Sun partial draft that Stephenie Meyer released a few months back, I have devised a little playlist.  *VERY SPOILER-ISH.  ENTER AT OWN RISK*




"Eat You Alive" Limp Bizkit
"I was a vampire, and she had the sweetest blood I'd smelled in eighty years."
Credits for the video goes to: 'Eat You Alive - Midnight Sun' by Smokey Fizz  Watch it.  Now!

"Bodies" Drowning Pool
"I knew what had to happen now.  The girl would have to come sit beside me, and I would have to kill her.  The innocent bystanders in this classroom, eighteen other children and one man, could not be allowed to leave this room, having seen what they would soon see."

"Let Me Sign" Rob Pattinson
"I can't even describe it, Emmett.  All of a sudden, this girl's the whole world to me.  I don't see the point of the rest of the world without her anymore."

"What I've Done" Linkin Park
"Shut in by the rain, all alone, I finally made myself look at what I had done--at the way I had mutilated the future."

"Disease" Matchbox Twenty
"Run, Bella, run.  I couldn't make myself say the words out loud."

"She Drives Me Crazy" Fine Young Cannibals

"Isn't this the worst luck any human could ever possibly have---to have a vampire fall in love with them?"

"Life In Technicolor" Coldplay

"My life was an unending, unchanging midnight.  It must, by necessity, always be midnight for me.  So how was it possible that the sun was rising now, in the middle of my midnight?"

"Better Than Drugs" Skillet
"It would always be that way for me, too.  I would always love this fragile human girl, for the rest of my limitless existence."

"Disappear" Hoobastank
"I struggled to find words to name the feelings that flooded through me, but I had no words strong enough to hold them.  For a moment, I drowned in them. When I surfaced, I was not the same man I had been."

"What Sarah Said" Death Cab For Cutie

"Now...I could understand how I might, in unforgivable selfishness, ask my father for that favor.  Ask him to take away her life and her soul so that I could keep her forever. She deserved better."

"I Love You To Death" Family Force 5

"Run, Bella, run.  I love you too much, for your good or mine."

"Hate This & I'll Love You" Muse

"She was never going to see, was she?  She wouldn't do one thing to help me keep her alive."

"Back In Black" AC/DC
"I had to kill him.  I would peel him slowly apart, piece by piece, skin from muscle, muscle from bone..."

"20th Century Boy" Placebo

"With every fiber of my being, I ached to be a normal man, so that I could hold her in my arms without risking her life.  So that I could be free to spin my own fantasies, fantasies that didn't end in with her blood on my hands, her blood glowing in my eyes."
"Calling You" Blue October
"I realized in that moment that I wanted to answer her questions.  Not because I owed it to her.  Not because I wanted her to trust me.  I wanted her to know me."

[Download Plz.]

Thanks for looking!  Let me know of my songs choices and what you might have in place of them. ;-)
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