Ang. (somethingblue) wrote in lion_lamb,

I got a response from Molly Erman of Vanity Fair!

Hey everyone! So I know we've all overloaded the emails to get some stills released and it worked! [YAY!] I had personally written Vanity Fair a few days ago, and told them how I appreciated them putting the cast on a much more "mature" magazine, considering I'm 23 years old and a fan, that it was nice to have some fan items that I could relate to as well. I asked them about their plans to release outtakes, and this is the response I got.

Hi Angela,

Thanks for writing. As a reader, your opinion truly matters.
I wanted to alert you to the nearly 60 minutes of video of the Twilight shoot that has just been posted on

Have you seen it?

Here’s the link:

As far as the outtakes are concerned, we plan to release some soon, as well as maybe more later on. So be on the lookout for those as well!

Molly Erman
Vanity Fair

---So the part that got me was "maybe more later on." So we need to keep our eyes peeled!! :D Has anyone got the same/similiar response?
Tags: kristen stewart, robert pattinson
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