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Wristbands at Much Music

So I just got home from lining up for wristbands at Much Music in Toronto.


So, my friend and I got downtown at 11:00 am and there were already 300 people lined up. The line went around 5 buildings for like I don't even know how many blocks. It was incredible. Then we find out they gave away 200 wristbands at 7 am because people had been camped out since 4 pm the previous day. Which to me is unfair because if you say 5:00 it should be 5. I would have gotten there earlier if I knew.

Anyways, at like 12:00 people were leaving because the secuirty guy was telling us we weren't getting wristbands for inside, they were all gone. But I was like "Let's stick around in case" And then an hour later he comes by again and is like "We're giving you guys wristbands for outside by the stage. You'll be guaranteed those." So good thing we stayed!

Apparently half the show will be outside and half will be inside. So basically with a wristband you're guraranteed entry to the outside area around the stage.

SO! 6 hours in the cold paid off! Met some great girls, had some deep discussions and got me a wristband to see RPATTZ!

Who else was there/got wristbands?

And on another note, what happens when I get home but I find an email from telling me I won a contest I entered for a private screening of the movie on Nov 19. HELL YEAH.

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