ATWTFanForever (atwtfanforever) wrote in lion_lamb,

Another Philly Hot Topic Update

Alright so I just spoke to the someone on the mall staff at the King of Prussia mall. She said they are opening up at midnight to the first 500 people. I told her about the what is expected in Boston and I really don't think the bitch took it seriously to be quite honest with you. She is saying they are prepared and shit and yeah it just doesn't sit well with me. She asked me if I was going and I told her no but if I was gaurenteed to meet him then I would go but I am not going to go when theres the chance I won't be able to.

ETA: I just called back to get clarification. She said they are letting people start to line up at 12AM and will cut the line off at the first 500 people but that the doors won't open until 6AM.
Tags: etc: fan events
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