charlsa (chasaloottu) wrote in lion_lamb,

Hot Topic Event in Dallas

Just wanted to update everyone who was so concerned yesterday about the event in Dallas.  We got there at 2:45 am and there were a few people, not many.  And the cops were cool saying that if we didnt push and shove then they would escourt us in 10 at a time to get the tickets.

So everyone around us was really cool and just hanging out...

THEN 5:30 rolls around and out of no where all of these teenage girls just start running.  Like the good Twilight fans that we are, we stood and waited for the cop because we didnt want to be arrested...

INSTEAD... the crazy people who didn't listen and jacked everyone over got tickets and the rest of us got to stand in the rain for 3 hours and then got to drive back home..

All in all........ I am glad I went because I met some really cool people... but you teenage girls who cut in front of us.......... watch out.
Tags: robert pattinson
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