Trae (snaprebelx) wrote in lion_lamb,

The Twilight MOB had a little blurb with some interesting footage of this mornings SF debacle.

Kids were trampled, the cops were called in, blood was reportedly spilled -- all over a chance to see a guy from a film that hasn't even opened yet.

Also for those that didnt know, the SF event DID happen. My best friend Bonnie (who you might know as one of the Twilight Bloggers on flew out there to be a part of it and told me that sometime this afternoon it was decided that it would still go on, and as far as she says it went smoothly. She met Robert, got an autograph.and apparently stole his water bottle? I'll have to ask more about that lol.

Anywho, thought you might like to see the video (so we can cringe at the fandom)
Tags: etc: fan events
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