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UPDATED FIC: Chapter 8 Falling Forever

I apologize in advance for this chapter being approx. 2 minutes long lmao...it has been a long night and I got out what I intended to in this chapter. I hope you enjoy nonetheless!

Title: Falling Forever

Author: </a></b></a></a></b></a>lost_in_a_story  but you can call me Jill!

Rating: T..will be M later on

Summary: What if Alice would have seen the nomads arriving before the day in the baseball field? What if the Cullens would have left immediately without a backwards glance? What if Edward and Bella met up again in one of the most unlikely of places? And just how much has Bella moved on....

A/N: I don't own these characters, obviously. Jasper is pretty. That is all

Chapters found here @ ff.net!


Edward’s POV



            Our lips crashed together in a frenzy that had been building for four long years. Bella’s small hands found their way to my hair as she did her best to deepen our kiss. I longed to be closer to her than I ever had in my entire life and the fact that it was possible that she felt the same way lit a fire inside of me that burned with an intense ferocity that rivaled anything I had felt before. In that moment I didn’t care who saw, I didn’t care why she had wanted me to kiss her so badly, all I cared about was the fact that I was finally holding her once again flush against my body, holding on for dear life. Bella pulled on my hair, brining me closer to her (if that was even possible) and for the first time since she had walked into the door I took a deep breath.


            That was exactly what caused me to pull away.


            A deep snarl ripped through me as a powerful, and slightly familiar scent hit me. I tore from Bella’s embrace and quickly pulled her behind me ready to defend her from whatever evil was about to intrude upon our moment together. I felt primitive in that instant, like a predator protecting its prey from the other predators…or possibly a lover protecting his love from the evils of the world. Bella let out a small shriek at my sudden movement and I looked at her sharply noticing that the part of her arm I was clutching tightly was covered in fresh, deep purple, bruises. I growled again and loosened my grip on her making sure that I was still guarding her with all of my might. I sniffed the air again deeply, taking my time to assess the scent. That’s why I realized something crucial…


            The scent was coming from behind me.


            I wheeled around slowly to stare at Bella. The scent was radiating off of her intensely. She looked so small in that moment, her lower lip was trembling and the rain that had soaked her on her, no doubt rushed, trip over was dripping steadily onto the hardwood floor of our foyer. Everything rushed to me in a deafening wave of realization; someone, something, had attacked her…and Alice hadn’t seen it coming. Someone had torn through Bella both physically and emotionally. Someone had broken down her carefully sculpted wall to hurt her. Someone had pissed me off.


            I spoke to her as slowly and as gently as I could, I didn’t want to scare her and I didn’t want to hurt her anymore than she was already damaged,


            “Bella…what happened? Tell me please; please tell me right now before I…before I lose it from not knowing.” I whispered. Bella sputtered tears and it broke my heart to see her in such a distressed state. I decided to take a separate approach, “Would you like to sit down Bella?” I asked. She nodded the slightest bit and I led her by the elbow to our plush couch. She was trembling as I sat her down and the sorrow that floated in her tear filled eyes was enough to shatter my undead heart in an instant.


            “Bella, honey, please tell me…who did this to you, and why?” I asked, trying my hardest to keep my voice calm and even though a rage was quickly building inside of me one that would surely rear its ugly head the second the name of Bella’s attacker was revealed to me.


            Bella breathed deeply, trying her hardest to steady her quiet sobs. She looked up at me and whispered one name. If I hadn’t been a vampire I wouldn’t have heard it,


            “James.” She said. The name registered with me but I didn’t believe it. It had to be some other James, some other creature by that name, it couldn’t possibly have been the same vampire that I was certain my family had done away with years prior. But, scents didn’t lie; the unmistakable scent of vampire did not lie, the way my stomach twisted into an instant knot told me that this was no lie. I could have jumped up, I could have gone into a rage, but I remained calm for Bella.


            “Who is James?” I said through clenched teeth but I already knew who James was. I was more curious about the web of lies he had woven to make Bella fall for him, it had to be good. Bella sniffled and wiped her nose with a bruised hand, I tore a couch cushion slightly as my eyes fixated on the scrapes across her, otherwise perfect, skin.


            “James is my boyfriend, or he was, I’m not sure what he is now. He’s usually a pretty nice guy…I guess, I mean, he’s kind of cold but he’s…I don’t know. I don’t know what I saw in him. It’s like I was in this cloud. I said I was going to see you; he wanted to know who you were and what you meant to me. I explained that we went to high school together and that I hadn’t seen you in a couple of years, I didn’t tell him your name and then I went to take a shower. I came out of the bathroom to get dressed and he was right there, he never gets that close to me and there he was right in front of me…it scared me.” I growled instinctively at her words but I encouraged her to go on telling her story,


            “I’m sorry Bella, forgive my reaction, go on please.” I whispered. Bella swallowed and her voice shook as she continued,


            “He demanded to know your name and when I said ‘Edward Cullen’ he flew into some kind of rage and he threw me against the wall. My towel fell down and, and, I’ve never felt so scared and exposed before and it terrified me. I tried to get away but he held my arms really tightly.” The couch cushion tore even more as I listened intently to her story, my blood (well metaphoric blood anyway) was boiling and my teeth were clenched so tightly together that I feared they would shatter.


            “Please Bella…” I whispered. Bella continued,


            “He told me to say your name again, to tell him what I had said. I did and he slammed me against the wall even harder. I cried and told him to stop but he wouldn’t, he held my wrists hard against the doorframe and when I tried to pull away I got scraped on the rough texture of the wood. It hurt and I cried but he told me to shut up. I did and when he asked me, one more time, to tell me what your name was I whispered it. I don’t know how he heard me but he did and he didn’t talk for a few minutes he…he just sniffed me, like he was some sort of weird bloodhound. Then he let me go and he ran off, I heard the door slam and I started sobbing and I knew I had to find you…I’m scared Edward.” She whispered. I was scared, for the first time in…well Hell I had been scared since the moment we had left Forks and Bella far behind. I had been afraid exactly what was happening now, I was afraid of Bella being hurt and I realized that, no matter how I tried to distance myself from her, she would be hurt no matter what.


            I didn’t know what to do; I didn’t know how to react. I had already destroyed one couch cushion as I sat listening to Bella recite the events of her night to me. I wanted to cry, but no tears would come. The only thing I could think to do was to cradle her against my chest. So that’s what I did. I reached across the couch and pulled her swiftly against me. I didn’t need to tell her it would be okay because, to be honest, I wasn’t sure if it ever would be.


            Bella collapsed against me and sobbed. I didn’t deserve to have such a creature in my presence; I didn’t deserve to be breathing the same air as her. Still, here I was, doing my best to console her against the storm that was raging not only outside my family’s home but in Bella’s very life. I ran my hand over Bella’s soft hair and place a small, comforting, kiss against her head and in that small moment I felt the slightest bit of relief; s if we could overcome any storm that knocked us around, like we were finally united once again. I would fight a war single handedly for her, I would die a thousand mortal deaths for her, it wasn’t any secret that I still loved her…I only hoped that she still loved me.



            “I’m so tired.” She whispered after I had been cradling her for nearly five minutes. It was a wonder my family hadn’t come down the stairs and I half wondered if I had missed them leaving to go hunting. Maybe they were giving us privacy, maybe they weren’t home, or maybe they knew something I didn’t.


            “Would you like to take a shower?” I asked her. She raised up, her eyes were puffy and red but were now dry. “Alone of course.” I added. She chuckled a bit, nervously but still it was a laugh,


            “Yes please.” And with that I allowed Bella to use our shower and towels and clothes that I borrowed, inconspicuously, from Esme’s closet.


            I let her take as long as she needed. I didn’t want to rush her, but I kept a vigilant ear to the door just in case she broke down again. I paced mostly, trying to wrap my head around everything that Bella had told me. I didn’t want to pry anything from her, I would give her the night, but I needed to take action…my family needed to know. But the morning would come, and we would decide then.


            Finally, Bella entered my bedroom wearing the clothes I had set out for her. Comfy sweatpants and oversized tshirts a Bella Swan favorite. She crossed to me and I stopped my incessant pacing.


            “Thanks Edward, I feel much better…I’m….I’m sorry for…for anything…” I could see she was trying her hardest not to break again, not to start crying, but she couldn’t help it…and I couldn’t help how I felt. I couldn’t stop any feelings I had as I saw her trying her hardest not to sob, it was obvious I had caused some of that pain and it was obvious what I had to do to fix it. I needed to prove I loved her. Against my better judgment I took Bella in my arms and kissed her like I had never kissed her before. She wrapped her arms around me, stronger this time than before. She didn’t pull away, she didn’t want it to stop anymore than I did, she wanted this…she wanted me.


            My inner monster reared it’s ugly head as our kiss deepened. I was being reckless and I knew it but in love there was no safety net and I was determined to fall as hard as possible. I held her against me as I backed up to the couch, she made no move to stop me though I gave her every opportunity to. Finally, I slowly fell back onto the cushions bringing her down on top of me. I wanted to make her feel special, make her feel like I cared, like someone cared, I wanted her to know that I wouldn’t hurt her…


            But there was no guarantee that I wouldn’t. I could kill Bella so easily and I would have been lying if I said my inner monster urged me to do so. I didn’t want to kill her, I wanted to protect her.


            It was possibly, though, that in doing one…I would achieve both.



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