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What Anne Thompson thinks of the Twilight movie.

I was surfing the web this evening and happened to find an article which has a mini review for the film (a full review will be released later) by Anne Thompson!/actors/varietys_anne_thompson_asks_whats_next_for_robert_pattinson/
"I do think it's important for an interviewer to remain objective while being reasonably pleasant and polite and trying to get good answers out of a subject. I shouldn't be gushing over Pattinson, in other words.

Truth is, the movie is fine. Kristen Stewart carries Twilight in many ways. As good as Pattinson is, the movie wouldn't work without her. I imagined some characters in the book differently, and I have a few criticisms which I will save for when I can do a proper review. We have to respect the embargo date. I will say that many of the men who saw the movie with me seemed a tad uncomfortable, though some at the press junket said they liked it, for what it is. This isn't Titanic.

But the comparison to Leo DiCaprio is quite valid, I think--the intensity of many fans' feelings for Pattinson as Edward is strong. DiCaprio went out of his way to avoid overly romantic roles that would appeal to adolescent girls after Titanic. I will be curious to see what Pattinson does now. But he has at least two more Twilight movies to do, which will keep fanning the flames, as it were." [ Anne Thompson ]

this originally came from , but I couldn't find the quote that TMF listed... so I'm linking both.

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