ATWTFanForever (atwtfanforever) wrote in lion_lamb,

Philly Hot Topic Update

Hi Guys,

I just spoke to a girl at the Philly hot topic. She had no idea that 3,000 people showed up to the one in San Fran and really didn't know all about what happend. She said they have talked about what is going with the Mall staff and they are going to have police on hand. We actually talked for a bit about this LOL! She said she has heard from people as far as maryland and gerogia who were flying into Philly to see Rob. They are not opening the doors before 6AM and people won't be allowed to camp out or anything like that. But yeah she was completley clueless about the 3,000 that showed up in San Fran. I had to read her the article and tell her what community(Lion Lamb LOL) that I got it from. Hope this was OK to post on here! 

Tags: etc: fan events
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