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Dallas Twilighters: Hot Topic Event Put on Hold!

Hey everyone. I'm signed up to a whole bunch of Twilight fansites on MySpace so I have Twilight updates every 2.2 seconds.

I just read a bulletin from this MySpace [] that the Dallas Hop Topic event has been put on hold due to what just happend in San Francisco.

I'm only in New Jersey, but I thought all you Dallas fans over there would like the heads up. Sorry ladies and gents :( But keep your fingers crossed! Hopefully the news about San Francisco will calm people down for the rest of the Hot Topic Meet & Greets coming up!

Mary xx

Edit: Thanks to dreamer4ever01 ... From
PLEASE STAY TUNED FOR CHANGES IN THE WAY THIS EVENT WILL BE RUN TOMORROW MORNING. Robert will be signing autographs on Tuesday November 11th at 6pm. On Tuesday November 11th, the first 500 customers at 6am to purchase the $30 Twilight Tour T-Shirt will receive a wristband that guarantees the opportunity to meet Robert! PLEASE NOTICE: YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED ONTO THE GALLERIA DALLAS PROPERTY UNTIL 5:30AM - ALL ENTRANCES ARE OPEN AT 6AM. NO RUNNING WILL BE ALLOWED IN THE SHOPPING CENTER. IF YOU ARE CAUGHT DOING SO YOU WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE. **No cameras allowed and one autograph per person.** ONLY ONE ENTRANCE WILL BE OPEN AT 6AM. THAT ENTRANCE WILL BE ON THE WESTISIDE OF THE PROPERTY IN THE ALLEY NEXT TO THE GRILL ON THE ALLEY.

Edit: Thanks to kccafan4ever ...
"Ok, FINALLY got a hold of somebody at Hot Topic at the Galleria and Brandon, thank you so much, told me that they have been having meeting ALLLLLL day with the Dallas Police and they are going to be ready for this. They are going to make sure no one is on the property before 5:30 A.M."

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