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I don't normally post my vids here 'cause I'm lazy, but I'm working on four short vids using songs from the soundtrack and I like sharing (...when I'm not being lazy)

I've already got two done (Eyes On Fire and Let Me Sign), and the next one will be to I Caught Myself (up on the 15th), and then I'll be doing Bella's Lullaby (up on the 20th).

Eyes On Fire by Blue Foundation
Started: November 02, 2008
Finished: November 04, 2008
Program: Sony Vegas 8.0

youtube link

Let Me Sign by Robert Pattinson
Started: November 07, 2008
Finished: November 08, 2008
Program: Sony Vegas 8.0

youtube link

They're also posted at my media journal plottingpotter with descriptions and whatever I rambled on about while I was posting..
Tags: fan videos
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