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Pattinson_Music's Sanity Package

In light of the ridiculous and dangerous turn of events at the Hot Topic signing in San Francisco this morning, I think it's reasonable to push back the deadline for Rob's Sanity Package. pattinson_music has been working on compiling a little sanity package for Rob over the past few weeks. Find more information HERE. The deadline was this past Saturday but has now been extended.

I'm thinking he could use some reassurance now more than ever.

If you haven't already written a quick note, take a minute or two and send one to:

I'm moving the deadline back until November 21st. By that time, and the time it will take to ship to him, hopefully he will be able to take a moment to relax and enjoy it when the Twilight hype goes down (minutely). Please keep the notes short and to the point, but be HONEST. I want him to know that we appreciate him for who he is as a creative human being and not that he is OMGsohotEDWARD.

I hope all of you understand that the behavior exhibited this morning was horrible and degrading. Putting other people's safety at risk, for whatever reason, is inexcusable. Remember to be human beings to each other. Remember that Rob is only a human being. Treat each other with respect, no matter the amount of supervision you're given.

Again, please take a minute to send Rob a quick note. Calm his nerves. We're not all out of control :/
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