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Twilight Advance Screening in Austin (IMAX?)

Anyone living in Austin area has a chance to get an ADVANCED screening of Twilight  on November 20th at 6:30. It will be held at the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum and IMAX theater (right across from the University of Texas campus). Catherine Hardwicke is also scheduled to be in attendance as well.

$15 tickets - for screening and Q&A session with Hardwicke
$50 tickets - for screening and an afterpary at the D Berman gallery

Tickets went on sale (in a quite unnoticeable fashion) on November 3rd. I just purchased mine for $50 each because I THINK they ran out of the $15 screening only tickets. Whatever. I think it's well worth the money in the end. LOL

Here's the link to buy the tickets:

NOTE: Click "BUY TICKETS NOW" and purchase from the Austin Film Society, not from the Bob Bullock History Museum.

Sorry if this was posted before, but I looked around and didn't see anything about it.

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