hi (labellavita_7) wrote in lion_lamb,

Stewart and Twilight Vamps All Signed for Three Movies

"ReelzChannel was the envy of young girls across the nation this weekend spending an entire Saturday with the cast of Twilight.

Summit Entertainment, which made Twilight, is thrilled with the early hype around the November 21st release, but they are being cautious not to count their chickens before they hatch. Most industry insiders already consider an adaptation of the second book, New Moon, a foregone conclusion, but thus far Summit has only admitted to preproduction work on the script.

During the course of the marathon junket, we had the chance to confirm that each and every character from the book series is signed on to three Twilight movies.

What about Breaking Dawn? Since the book wasn't out when the contracts were drawn up, it was not part of the deal. Translation? If this series gets all the way to part four, Summit is either recasting or Stewart, Pattinson, Lautner, and crew can look forward to a nice fat raise."


Am I the only one wanting to see Emma Clark's reaction to this report? LMAO

Tags: movie: articles, movie: new moon
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