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Twilight banners

Just thought I would show some Twilight banners i made awhile ago, i know they look small, but I made them for forums i'm a member at and they don't like you going over a certain size, so i make them this size so i'm not breaking the rules. I will make bigger versions eventually. There are banners of Kate, Tanya and Garrett. When I was reading Breaking Dawn that's who I imagined playing Garrett, Gerard Butler, and the Kate and Tanya banners are who i'd like to play them, although i'm re-thinking Katherine for Tanya, but i think Eva would make a good Kate.

problem has now been fixed so you all should now be able to see them, had to upgrade to pro, i didn't fancy re-uploading them all. PLEASE DO NOT HOTLINK. if you want to use any, please save to your own photo hosting site and please give credit. cheers. 


ok this one came about after i saw an icon that said 'Jasper has calmed this icon', and i thought it was really good, so i thought i'd do a banner lol

i pictured Gerard Butler as Garrett when I was reading the book,




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