Little Sullen Girl (avintageidea) wrote in lion_lamb,
Little Sullen Girl

Came across this and thought I would share. wants to know:

Have You Been in Danger Because Your Headphones Were On?


In the Twilight trailer, we see Bella get rescued from being hit by a van by Edward (goosebumps). I'm not as concerned with the fact that a teenage boy can stop steel (because he looks so hot doing it) as much as I am with the fact that Bella was in the parking lot with her earbuds in. No, no!

We all know that it's dangerous to have your headphones in when you're near cars, but I admit that this is a no-no I participate in, though I try to keep my volume low enough so I can hear my surroundings without becoming a victim (as I am sans vampire boyfriend).

We're so used to wearing MP3 players that we have a false sense of security, when we could be close to being in an accident; tell me, have you ever gotten hurt because you had your headphones on and blaring?

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