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Updated! Legacy (3) The Green Shirt

Title: Legacy: The Green Shirt (3/?)
Author: autumndreamer76
Characters/Pairing: This is Edward's story but Emmett, Bella, Alice and Jasper, Carlisle, Esme and Rosalie will all play parts (especially Emmett)
Rating: M
Category: Drama/Angst/Humor/Mystery (yes, I manage all that)
Spoilers: None
Summary: In his seventeen years Edward Masen grew up in fifteen different states. Now, in his last year of high school, his family has landed in the little rainy town of Forks, Washington. Edward dreamt of being a doctor or musician but his family’s low-income financial status has held him back. His boring but normal life is turned upside down when he meets Emmett Cullen and his well-off affluent family. Can Edward survive the web of deception, secrets and lies that his life is so suddenly filled with? Will Edward ever know who he is truly meant to be?
Twilighted (Chap 3 is waiting to be validated right now...)

The story is AU and AH and some characters may be slightly OOC.

I'd appreciate any and all feedback. Comments are like crack to me.

Disclaimer: Thanks to Stephenie Meyer for creating Twilight and V.C. Andrews for inspiration on the plot via Dawn.

Huge thanks to my beta, thebeckert for all her help.
Tags: fanfiction
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