Nicole (spread_the_fun) wrote in lion_lamb,

HI EVERYONE! driftingaway may have seen a new tv spot, and has inlisted me in telling you guys about it :P

She was watching Smallville when it popped up, around 7:15 (she says within the first 20 minutes of the show), and she's CST.

It's mostly stuff we've seen, but in a different order and different angles, and shorter than the other ones we've seen. She said it's really short, and included Bella saying "I know what you are," and Edward has a "That's all superhero stuff" voiceover. There's also an almost kiss, and then James is flying through the air.

She's got it on dvr and will check asap to make sure it's new, but we looked through 1-7 and didn't see it.
Tags: movie: etc
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