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new chapter for once upon a wish

 Here's the next chapter of my fan-fic once upon a wish

title : once upon a wish
characters : bella , the cullens , jacob , charlie , the volturi
pairings : e/b e/m j/a c/e all canon parings
rating : i don't know maybe pg-13
warnings : i'm very team edward i hate jacob
spoilers : breaking dawn hasen't happened yet
summary : bella and rosalie make a wish. bella wishes she was a vampire. rosalie wishes she were a human. both thier wishes came true. roalie is human and bella is a vampire. everything is great until rosalie comes home with some important news.
A./N. : hey guys i really hope you like my fic. i will try to post as soon as i can. remember the more you comment the faster i post. Sorry it took so long to update.
 chapter three: undeniable

   I had seen what Alice had seen as if it were my vision. All she had seen was Rosalie's human face , smiling, but looking very sick. I wondered what it meant. Alice stared at Bella before sharing her thoughts with me.Edward is Bella really a...a ... vampire? I looked at her descreatly and nodded my head yes. Her thoughts where silent in shock.I just don't understand. Rosalie human it just dosen't make sense and now she's going to want kids even more . aye carumba. thought emmet. I turned my attention to rosalie. Now I'm finally human I can have kids! she squeled internally. Emmet had a battle ahead of him.turning to carlisle I looked for support that this wasn't happening. I just want as strange as it is , a bit of fatherly support. No such luck. I'm completely alone in wishing this didn't happen.

 Bella looked at me seeming particularly worried. I can't understand what Bella is feeling she seems so tense. I ignored what Jasper was thinking. I already knew why Bella is so tense. She is going to have to hunt that is what she is worried about. We had discussed this durring our honeymoon. She's afraid of hunting she thinks she's not going to be able to. I shook my head trying to dispell all my negative thoughts. 

   Carlisle glanced at me from the coner of his eye and Esme moved to stand beside me. 

  "Edward what is going on ? whats wrong with Bella? "she asked.I can't and wont answer that question. It would just sound to oficail and I don't want Bella to be a vampire. Luckily I didn't have to answer , Alice did it for me.

 "She's a vampire. I don't know how it happened. maybe you should ask Edward ." she looked at me meaningfuly. She was going to make me face this current road block. I glared at her. I wont do this. She rolled her eyes.

  "Maybe he'll tell you if he can stop being very childish. I mean come one Edward she's a vampire whats the problem ?" she's right. What is my problem? Its just ,that well, I was the one who was suppose to change her. But its not time to think about that. Bella threw me an uncomfortable glance.

  "Carlisle I think I need to hunt imedeatly." she said. Carlisle looked at each of us a warning sign hidden. He was just reminding us,especialy Emmet, not to make fun of Bella.

  "okay who's going hunting with bella?" Carlisle asked purposlely not looking at me. Knowing his thoughts he thought I still might be upset about whats going on. Ya right. Like I would be to upset to assist my wife on her first hunting trip. I answerd Carlisle before alice had a chance.

  " I will be going of course. any one else care to join us ?"  I said. This brought about a shock in Bella. She tried to hide it but not only did I see a split second of it on her face but I  felt it in Jaspers thoughts. Alice smirked at me.

  " Of course I'm going"she said. Smiling like only alice can she said "then when we come back I can dress you up in a stellar outfit." I saw Bella tremble. Its completely normal for people(especialy Bella) to tremble when alice mentions fashion..I can see the dress she has in mind. Alice just knows me too well.

  The dress is long, It touches the floor , and is a pale peach color. It has a turtle neck style coller. Sleeveless it stays tight to the body all the way down. It will look fantastic on Bella. I don't think the high heels aAice has planned for Bella are nessecary , but unfortunetly what Alice wants Alice gets. I should probably forewarn Bella. Alice gave me a glare. No you will not tell Bella its suppose to be a surprise and you are not going to ruin it. Sometimes it sucks to have a sister that can see your future. I just rolled my eyes at her.

 " So I guess if goes without saying that I'm going too. Any where Alice goes I go to. Besides I haven't hunted in a while " Jasper volunteered. I just can't understand Jaspers infatuation with Alice. Its not like Bella and I. I can read his mind and I still can't understand. I shook my head.

  " Any one else care to join us ? or would some of you care to come with Bella and I " I said the others heard the double meaning in my words and thankfuly Bella did not. Its just that this is something Bella and I should be doing alone.

 " Ah, no thank you Edward. I think I'm going to read my book. Carlilse what about you ? " Esme said looking at Carlilse. Carlisle smiled serenely at esme.

  " Actually I have a shift at the hospital and-'" He said glancing at his watch "- I'm about twenty minuets late " I rolled my eyes at Emmet , who was staring unabashedly at Rosalie. Hearing his thoughts I knew he wasn't coming with us. Oh gee I guess I wont be going with them I just have to see , well I wonder what it was like for edward kissing Bella considering she's a human. Ya just think of it as an experamint for the good of vampire-kind. Emmet thinks so much of himself. He's so obnoxious.

 " I will be staying with Rosalie of course so I guess we wont be going. Have fun " He said his eyes not leaving Rosalies. Carlisle left the room thinking about his shift at the hospital, and when he was going to get home tonight. Not like he needs the sleep.

  I realized I was standing across the room from Bella. I should be standing beside my wife helping her through this difficult time. So much for being a good husband. I walked toward bella but stopped half way. Standing here I could smell Bella's scent. Its so much more than I would've expected. Its so over powering but for the first time in forever I don't want to kill her. Bella stared at me a self-concious look on her face. I could see my expression reflected in her eyes. It was the expression of some one starring at a really nice car. He dosen't really care who sees him staring at the car he just has to look at it.

 I shook of the dazed trance I was in and walked the rest of the way to Bella, and grabbed her hand. I quickly pressed my lips into her hair , starting out as a kiss to the top of her head , but I ended up just inhaling her scent like the obbsessed vampire I am.

  " come on Bella. lets hunt." I said smiling and showing all my teeth. She shivered involuntarily and grabbed my hand.

  We waited for alice to get dressed in "a hunting outfit ". Jasper took much lesser time to get ready so he went out to the garage to get emmets jeep. But not before passing Bella, giving her a kiss on the cheeck and telling her not to worry. Alice came flyimg down the stairs , in a move that should have made Bella jump , but didn't. 

  Out in the jeep I sat with my arm around Bella , just inhaling her wonderful scent. I took another heady breath when Bella pulled away , turned around and faced me. I frowned.

  " what Bella ,love,?" I asked. She looked anoyed. She huffed.

  " you know thats really anoying. " she said. I decided to have some fun with this and pretend not to know what she's talking about.

  "What are you talking about?" I asked holding back a smile when she frowned. Bella is so cute when she's mad.

  " you know exactly what I'm talking about. Now would you be so kind as to stop sniffing my hair ?" she asked. I couldn't help ti. I shook with luaghter making Bella frown even more. Alice laughed her tinkly laugh. And jasper ,tasting our emotions, couldn't help laughing too. It was silent for a moment.

   " Edward , if you're favoirite is mountain lion and Emmets favourite is grizzly bear, what about the rest of the family ?" she asked. This took me off gaurd. Hmmm. What would be the best way to tell her without scaring her. Some of us have some pretty scary hunting preferences.

  " Well you know what emmet and I prefer but Alice well, She prefers some thing more exoctic. She prefers lion. pure lion." I said. Bella seemed to ponder that for a moment. She was probably wondering how some one as small as alice could take down some thing as big as a lion. Alice threw a smile at us , showing all her teeth. Bella shuddered.

  " And jasper well , he prefers humans but when it comes to animals he prefers cyotes. Rosalie preferes girafes. I know it sounds kind of crazy but we've been around the world. Carlisle prefers , like traditional vampire bats , actualy prefers cows. Its rather crazy. I don't know how he can stand that. Cows taste awful. And last but not least Esme prefers deer. Also very strange. They're not the best tasting source of nutrition." I sat there and stared as Bella proccessed this information. I looked into Alices thoughts. I can't wait to get back. Bella will look fantastic in the dress I boought her. Edward get out of my mind! Sometimes I have a hard time believing that she's not a mind reader. 

       About three towns away from home we left the sparkaling cities behind us and pulled onto a gravel road that is more path than road. Bella shifted nervously in her seat sensing we are close. I always wish I could read her mind , sometimes more than others. Jasper sighed. Diving into his thoughts I could tell what bothered him. I wish I know what keeps her so calm and under control. Well not exactly calm but she definetly has her thirst under control. How does she do it. I wondered as well. She also seems plenty calm with magically and suddenly becoming a vampire. I know she's wanted this for a while but even I would have been completely frreaked out by it.

Alice pionted to a small , clear patch of grass, and jasper pulled in they bolth were out the door in a flash. I prepared to do the same , in order to get the door for Bella, but when I looked up she was already out and standing with Alice. I shook my head and flew out, racing to stand beside Bella. She trembled again whether in anticipation for the hunt, or fear I don't know. I'm guessing fear.

  I silently took her hand, startling her with the ,now, warm temperature. She looked up at me and I smiled at her exposing all my teeth.

   "lets hunt " I said.

  A./N. : sorry it took me so long to update. I've been really busy with homework. Highschool is no picnic. any way enjoy!!!! remember the more you comment the faster I update!
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