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ET Higher Quality and Aussie Mag Scans

I promised an UHQ version, but I have to apologise because the start and end (like the best bits!) are stuffed, and my computer did some whack thing with the quality and I did what I could to fix it cause there was this green line and I'll shut up. Point is: it was UHQ, and now it's barely HQ. LOL. So, I'm uploading it, but it's taking forever and I don't think it's that great.

Instead, I offer Everglow's version. Of course, Everglow never fails to deliver. Caps are here, too.

To redeem myself again, I also have some scans of the Twilight men from the December issue (with Rihanna or Rhianna, whatever, on the cover) Australian teen magazine, Dolly.

ETA: My download link, if anyone wants to try it, is here.

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