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USA TODAY: Will Alter Logo For Twilight

NEW YORK USA Weekend, the weekly companion to USA Today, has announced that its Nov. 16 issue will feature a special cover for the premiere of the much-anticipated "Twilight" movie. The cover will represent only the second time in a decade that USA Weekend has changed its blue-and-white logo.

The cover story introduces "Twilight," this fall’s latest Hollywood book-to-film production -- a project based on the vampire novel series by 29-year-old Mormon stay-at-home mom Stephenie Meyer. Directed by Catherine Hardwicke, the film has been dubbed "the 'Harry Potter' of vampire movies" and opens Nov. 21.

The USA Weekend logo in the upcoming issue will set the tone for the cover story’s spooky subject. Usually in white, the text for the special issue will be black. Readers accustomed to the logo’s light blue background will see a white background surrounding the text like a thick fog. The only other color used on the cover is a splash of red on the tip of a white feather, which draws the eye down to the “exclusive poster” text, also in blood red.

In addition to the special cover, the issue features an exclusive poster for the film, which includes several never-before-seen images. The poster is signed by lead actors Robert Pattinson, who appeared in two of the "Harry Potter" films, and Kristen Stewart, who has appeared in "Into the Wild" and "In the Land of Women."

USA Weekend is circulated in more than 600 newspapers to 23 million households.

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