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hi, i'm julie.

a message from the mods.

message from the mods...

There's been a bit of unrest among members lately and we'd just like to take the time to make a few points and clear the air.

  1. Robert is NOT Edward. Get this thought into your brain and process it. While his views do sometimes align with Edward's, he is not the character he portrays. Chill out because everyone's tired of that line being blurred among fans.

  2. We've been having problems with how news articles are being posted to the community. When posting an article, don't just post a link and be done with it. If at all possible, cut and paste the article, citing the source at the bottom of the page where you got the article, not where you saw the link to get to the article. If not the whole article, at least include an excerpt of the article you're linking to. This means the original source, not just a fansite.

  3. While we realize some Jacob bashing comes with the territory, let us remind you that actor bashing is absolutely not allowed which means keep your comments about Taylor reigned in. It's also been brought to our attention that a new nickname is circulating for Jacob/Taylor, "Gaycob", and we'd like to let you know now that this won't be tolerated in this community.

  4. Our actor bashing rule applies to Kristen's boyfriend, Michael Angarano, as well. Stop the hateful comments. He's done nothing wrong and in a lot of cases, the bashing is way out of control.

  5. There have been some nitpicks about similar posts being let through the queue and we'd just like you to know that while we do try to keep duplicate posts down to a minimum, sometimes they'll sneak by us and a different mod will approve a different post. Please understand that this is a very large community with over 9,000 members who can post so a lot of similar posts come through the queue.

  6. Finally, if you have a problem with how this community's being run, please bring it to our attention through a message to one of the mods or the page-a-mod entry.

your mods

P.S. Don't forget to participate in our fanfiction contest!!
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