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How To Fall A Million Different Ways (Ch. 5 part 1)

Title: How To Fall A Million Different Ways
Pairings: E/B, and all other cannon pairings (for the time being)
Rating: PG-13/T
Category: Romance/Angst
Spoilers: Well. For Twilight, I suppose. But that's kind of a no-brainer.
Warnings: Language
Summary: "It doesn't have to be hard." I clenched my fingers around his, knuckles white with desperation. "It could be like breathing air." He almost smiled, and then he murmured in my ear, "If it's as easy as breathing, then I have a lung infection."AH AU
Note: I BEG YOU TO READ THE A/N AT THE END. POR FAVOR. Yeah. And this is only part one because I didn't have time to finish. So. Yes.

Ch. 5: Our Swords Part 1
Tags: fanfiction
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