Not a lady at all (cosmo_jenny) wrote in lion_lamb,
Not a lady at all

Fan event: Germany and Netherlands

So after the release date for Twiligth is Germany was.... released and we saw the final (abbreviated) German trailer, I see that a lot of German fans are upset about a) the late release date and/or b) the crappy dubbing they did on Twilight.

In the announcement post for Germany was a wide discussion whether or not the German fans should migrate to the Netherlands to see it because they don't dub their movies very often and their release date is about 6 weeks earlier than the German one.

Sooooo.... this post is to see if and how much the German (and Swiss and Austrian) fans are interested in organizing such a trip over the Dutch border. If we see, there are enough people, we can go and open our own community and plan there.

Also this post is not only about going to the Netherlands but also other countries that have an earlier release date (I heard Hungary is earlier, too, and I think Poland, too.)

So there, speak up, boys and girls!
Tags: etc: fan events
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