Alana (truthbetold2008) wrote in lion_lamb,

Advance Twilight Screening

ATTN: Arizona Twilight Fans

So, I've never posted to this community before but here goes nothing. I have been apart of this site for a long time and they sponser free advance screenings of movies... and they are giving away a couple of reserved special seating passes for free. All you have to do is register with the site then post a picture of you dressed as a Twilight character.

I was reluctant to post it here: (I don't want to lose my chances of winning) *is selfish* But why not share with all of the real fans.

the site is:

Good Luck and I hope I didn't break any Promotions rules. But this really is legit. I saw The Dark Knight through these guys and I'm going to see Quantum of Solace this week.
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