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tMF Talk Back: Too early for Rob Pattinson to be the next big thing?

While we would never explore the complex issue of the fashion origin of Robert Pattinson's hair style nor speculate about his sudden change of attitude towards his fans (especially while coming out of an airplane and arriving at a distant airport), you can always expect something substantial, even challenging that would make you participate and comment on our Rob article, hopefully that is!

Special Announcements: This time, we have more than the usual, here's what we have in store for you:

How To Be, one of Rob's indie movies, the same one that gave him his first Best Actor trophy, is currently doing the rounds of International film festivals. Some of you maybe aware that tMF launched recently a promotional blitz site for the movie - and since How To Be's filmmakers are the awesome guys that they have been from the beginning, there will be two sets of contests for you to join, giving you the chance to watch How To Be for free! [ Stay tuned for the official contest launch at the promo blitz site soon! ]

The other amazing indie film that Rob is a part of, Little Ashes, is also doing the rounds of film festivals all over, and tMF is working on a series of articles that will give you more insights into the making of the film - direct from the filmmakers themselves, and much more. [ Stay tuned in the next few hours as we launch a series of exclusive photos from the film at the promo blitz site! ]

You might also be interested in knowing that his other indie film, Parts Per Billion, is full speed ahead. Rob confirmed that he will be concentrating on this indie movie soon. tMF also received certain information that says the project will push through come 2009. As with his two indie movies, tMF will spearhead another project aimed to put the spotlight on Brian Horiuchi's new drama.

- - -

Who really is Hollywood's next big thing? The question that seems to be gaining more momentum each day is: Are fans getting ahead of themselves and already proclaiming Rob Pattinson as the next big thing? What's the proof that he's really the next top leading man in Hollywood? Box office receipts? Critical acclaim? International recognition? Oh, and yes, can tMF actually ask those questions when we already proclaimed Pattinson as the hottest young actor today? Are we singing a different tune perhaps? Or did Gaspard Ulliel fans or Jim Sturgess fans convince tMF to switch? Maybe its Shia LaBeouf and Zac Efron, and that we finally realize just how awesome they are!

Is tMF perhaps listening to the beloved 'PaintedAngel' who once wrote:

Give me a god damned break. Okay? Twi-hard hate me if you must, but Robert Pattinson is NOT hot, Okay? Plain, straight out - NO!. He was a second rate character in Harry Potter and uh, FYI, the guy said he probably wouldnt even have a job after Twilight. Anyway. He NEVER looks good in any of his out-and-about shoots, he looks like he hasnt showered in days and the five-o-clock shadow is the most unnattractive thing i've ever seen on a guy. (No, im not some fat looser, Im actually happily engaged, and uh, definately not fat!!)

And it seems just because this wanna-be happened to score the lead in Twilight (though when I read the books I try like HELL to block his mug outta my mind!) He's the hot new thang? God. Seriously, open your eyes, man isnt hot. Now Gaspard Ulliell or Cam Gigandet, Kellan Lutz or Jackson Rathbone? Someone with ACTUAL looks and an ACTUAL personality, thank you. [ some of the grammar and spelling were intentionally revised ] - where did this came from, you might ask - click here!

- - -

Unlikely Rivals?: Shia LaBeouf can certainly make a claim. He just proved his Box Office worth via Eagle Eye now with more than $90 million total earnings. Zac Efron has a similar claim via Box Office - his latest High School Musical already earned more than $60 million.

On the 'dish rags', Shia recently caught their attention via his 'vehicular accident', while people are amazed that Zac's edited scene while taking a bath is worth bidding via ebay. Here's more:

Several pictures of Zac Efron taking shower, which are taken during the shooting of "High School Musical 3: Senior Year", have been put for sale on eBay. The shots are parts of the five sets of cut and behind-the-scenes pictures from the musical movie that are auctioned off on the site for the public to bid. [ read more ]

Perhaps, we should not put the spotlight on both Shia and Zac, maybe it should be on Jim Sturgess, afterall. His latest movie, Fifty Dead Men Walking also got its share of acclaim in film festivals - having won Best Picture at Vancouver.

- - -

The Buzz and the Speculations: When the biggies are beginning to talk about Rob- even if they are speculating about his seemingly 'alarming health scare', then Rob is certainly on the road (as the next big thing). Browsing at some of the more recent Rob posts, here's one that caught my attentiion:

OK, so maybe "Twilight" star Robert Pattinson was just getting into the Halloween mood at last night's Hollywood Film Festival Awards and the Starz after-party in Beverly Hills. There to accept the New Hollywood award, Pattinson looked more than a little undead when he hit the arrivals carpet.

Is it just me or does he look like a ve-ry hungry vampire?

That's Elizabeth Snead writing at her LA Time's The Dish Rag. While I would not be too alarmed with such speculation, being old news to me and the rest of you regular tMF readers, I would be surprised if someone in the calibre of Variety's Anne Thompson would do a similar thing (which is simply not possible given her more 'substantial' take on Hollywood news.). You can probably read similar 'dish' on Perez Hilton and similar celebrity blogs.

- - -

What's on your mind? What say you? Is Rob the next big thing in Hollywood? Should we wait for the results of Twilight to celebrate? Is Shia or Zac or Jim perhaps more poised to grab that title? Let us know what you think!

source: The Movie Fanatic

 And wow, um... thoughts?

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