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Chapter 7 Falling Forever

Go read this silly woman's story </a></b></a>ohfiyera .... it is DELIGHTFUL, yeah I love it and her and we will one day run off into the sunset together. Go read! ---->  http://twi-ction.livejournal.com/30065.html

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Title: Falling Forever

Author: </a></b></a>lost_in_a_story  but you can call me Jill!

Rating: T..will be M later on

Summary: What if Alice would have seen the nomads arriving before the day in the baseball field? What if the Cullens would have left immediately without a backwards glance? What if Edward and Bella met up again in one of the most unlikely of places? And just how much has Bella moved on....

A/N: I don't own these characters, obviously. Jasper is pretty. That is all

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Bella's POV

    I woke up suddenly to the sound of my alarm clock's annoying tone. Rain was pounding relentlessly against the roof of the apartment signaling to me that there was positively no reason why Edward would not be in my classroom that morning. Unless I had been right and Edward was all a dream, in which case I should probably make an appointment to have myself committed to the nearest mental health facility immediately.

    I extracted myself from my warm bed and made my way to the shower. The water was bitterly cold at first and I yelped audibly as it prickled my skin. Finally, the water warmed and my muscles relaxed as I began to slowly wake up from the sleep induced fog that descended upon me every morning. Thunder rattled outside and the fact that I could hear it all the way through the noise of the shower told me that a rather large storm was brewing. The thunder was comforting in a strange way; it made me think of Edward and I couldn't quite put my finger on why. Perhaps it was because I knew that if it rained Edward was able to venture outside without fear of the sun, that I would be able to see him face to face again. I wasn't sure why this made me so giddy, it wasn't like class was going to get any LESS awkward with Edward staring at me from his desk. I knew he wouldn't actual pay any attention to the material I was trying to present, he would be thinking about other things...maybe about how he could plot his next leave of absence. I prayed that he had been true in what he had said to me, that he would never leave me again but one could never be too cautious.

    The water ceased to be warm and I took that as my signal that it was time to get ready for the school day. I exited the shower and wrapped myself in a towel. The apartment was silent as I made my way from the bathroom to my bedroom. Chloe's door was open and her bed was perfectly made, I half wondered where she went, but I simply assumed that she was out running chores in the early hours of the morning. Finally inside my room I proceeded to get ready for the day;  I pulled on a pair of khakis, a blue tanktop, and a silver button up to go over that. I looked exactly like a teacher and I groaned at my appearance. I would need to go shopping soon, for more adequate teaching apparel, but for now this would have to suffice. I either had what I was currently wearing, slutty club clothes that James insisted I wear, or pajamas and since it wasn't pajama day at school I was stuck in what I was wearing. I sighed and attempted to do something to my crazy mess of hair that hung beyond my shoulders. I finally decided to curl the ends and put half of it up, it looked fine by the end with it but I was so nervous that nothing I did seemed to fit quite right.

    Finally, after a small amount of makeup and a bit of lotion, I grabbed my messenger bag (which contained non-graded papers) and was out the door. The rain had not let up in the slightest and I swore outwardly that I hadn't had the foresight to purchase a new umbrella after mine had been ruined in a storm the semester before. I held my bag over my head and ran, as quickly as possible, to my car. After more swear words and a quick fix of my hair I was on my way to the high school in a torrential downpour that rivaled anything I had ever seen when I lived in Forks. My wimpy windshield wipers were no match for the massive amounts of rain that splattered against my windshield and it would have been a lie to say I wasn't afraid every moment of my commute. As I pulled into  the parking lot, however, all my troubles melted away as I was able to make out the outline of a shiny silver Volvo parked expertly right next to my normal parking spot.

    He had kept his promise after all.

    I let out contended sigh, put my car into park, and ran for the safety of the building. The final warning bell of the morning was ringing as I walked down the noisy hallway. The volume seemed to have increased tenfold from a normal day, mainly because of the sound of the relentless rain pounding against the roof and the noise the students’ wet shoes made against the tile floor.

    I was almost to my classroom door when a familiar voice sounded from behind me,

    “Good morning Ms. Swan!” Alice cheered cheerfully. She startled me so much that I dropped my bag spilling the contents onto the wet floor. By the time I had bent down to pick them up Alice had already retrieved them and stashed them, quite orderly, back into my bag.

    “Alice!” I said, surprised to see the small pixie of a vampire twirling beside me. I had never gotten to know Alice as well as I wanted to. I would’ve loved to have gotten to know all of the Cullens better than I had been allowed. But things change, life alters itself, and the time you thought would never run out slowly seeps through the cracks.

    “I have to get to French but I just wanted to say hi and tell you how happy I am that you are student teaching here. I’m still trying to figure out why I didn’t see it.” She mumbled the last part almost incoherently and I had to strain my ears to make out her statement. She grinned at me, excitedly, gave me a quick hug and sped off before I could get a word out. I shook my head and turned to the door but a hand on my arm stopped me. Edward’s cold hand caused the skin on my arm to prickle and I shivered as I turned to meet his gaze,

    “Good morning professor.” He said. The corners of his mouth turned up into a small smile and his expression was much happier than it had been the previous day. I wasn’t sure if it was an act or not, simply because I could never tell with Edward,  but I was glad to see that his mood had improved.

    “I’m not a professor Edward…just as student teacher. Did you get the answers you needed?” I asked. He nodded once,

    “Yes, it was a simple misunderstanding between father and son. Carlisle was just trying to protect our family and you from any danger that may have arisen anyway despite the fact that we left. That’s why you never found a note.” He whispered. I opened my mouth to say something but he opened the classroom door signaling for me to enter ahead of him. I stared at him for a moment, worry no doubt evident on my face, but he gave me a wink and I continued ahead of him hopping out of my role of “I’m in love with a vampire” and into the role of “I’m the teacher”.

    Wait, did I think ‘I’m in love with a vampire’? Preposterous…I loved James…at least I was pretty sure I did.

    “Good morning class. I hope everyone made it to school alright this morning  though a few of you look like you got caught in the downpour.” I said as I scan the room seeing several of my students wringing out their hair onto the floor. I wrinkled my nose but didn’t stop them, I’d be doing the same thing if I was in their situation.

    “Ms. Swan do you have our papers?” One of the girls asked. I bit my lip, I hated that I didn’t have them done but if they knew the real truth they would’ve probably understood.

    “No, Maggie I’m sorry. I went out with my boyfriend last night and just lost track of time. I’ll have them done by the end of the week I promise.” I said. I saw Edward cock his head to the side and the smallest, but most heart wrenching, look of hurt flashed across his face. The worst part about it was that the look lingered in his amber eyes for a few moments longer. I wanted to spill my guts to him right then and there, explain to him that I still had feelings for him…

    Why in the hell did I keep doing that?! I was dating James…he was human he wouldn’t understand.

    I cleared my throat and went through the roll call as normal. I tried my best not to meet Edward’s gaze the entire first half of the period, I knew it was a cowardly thing to do but I couldn’t help it, I didn’t want to chance seeing that look again. I was just finishing explaining how to do correct footnotes when there was a light knock at the door.

    “Come in.” I said. Alice skipped into the room and Edward’s brows pulled together.

    “Ms. Swan I’m sorry to interrupt but may I please speak to Edward for a moment? It’s important.” She stared straight at Edward as she said the last part of her sentence and an uncharacteristic look of fear flashed across her perfect features.

    “Yes…of course Alice. Edward the bell is about to ring so just go ahead and turn in your assignment now.” I said, trying to sound as teacher like as I could. Edward scribbled something at the top of the paper and handed it to me, then he and Alice were out the door as quick as they could. I stared at the paper as the bell rang and students filed out,

    “Come see me tonight…I’ll explain everything.” It read. He had written his address below the message in elegant script. I smiled a bit, folded the paper, and stuck it in my bag. For some reason, knowing that I would see Edward later that evening brightened my day exponentially.

Edward’s POV

    It was strange to see Alice so rattled. She looked nervous and that fact alone made feel nervous. If it was one thing Alice hated it was not being able to see anything in anyone’s future.

    I just don’t understand it Edward, I can’t see anyone…it’s like there is a dark cloud over everything, like a thick blanket of fog shrouding an even darker night. It’s awful, truly awful. I can’t see anything but I can sense that something is not right. I feel like something is coming, and whatever it is it is not good.

    My sister was more serious than I had ever seen her, even more so than the night we had left Forks, and that was the one thing that terrified me the most.

    “…Will we have to leave again?” I all but whispered as we stood together, outside of the school in the pouring rain. The rain didn’t bother us, it was more comforting than anything. Rain meant clouds, and clouds meant our secret was hidden, we felt like we belonged when it rained.

    “No. Whatever this is…it has to do with Bella too.” The hair on the back of my neck stood up straight as soon as the words tripped out of her mouth. I didn’t like the sound of that, and I prayed that Bella would hurry to our home that night.

    Day passed into evening, too slowly for my liking. I had taken to pacing back and forth in our foyer. She had gotten off of school nearly six hours prior to my pacing and I was beginning to grow nervous. The storm hadn’t let up at all and now lighting flashed sporadically outside, adding to danger. Bella may have been well aware of the vampire world but that didn’t mean that she was immune to what mother nature had to offer.

    Thunder crashed loudly which almost masked Bella’s frantic knocking on our front door. I was there in an instant, but the smile that I had placed on my face melted into a look of terror as Bella’s small form and terrified face met my mine.

    “Bella…what in the hell? What happened?” I asked. She launched herself into my arms, trembling with sobs,

    “Just kiss me, please.” She whispered. I shook my head and held her back from me so I could get a better look at her. Her makeup was running down her face, she was sniffling and rain, and tears, ran down her face.

    “Bella tell me…” She cut me off.

    “Do you still care about me? Do you still have feelings for me?” She asked. Of course I did, I had never stopped.

    “Of course.” I whispered. She closed the gap between us,

    “Then kiss me.” She said. I couldn’t help it, everything was telling me not to but her eyes told me that was all she wanted, it was all she needed, and I would never deny Bella of anything she needed.

    My lips crashed against her hungrily and the entire rest of the world melted away….

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