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Twilight/S Meyer article

So yesterday I think, I signed up to google alerts for Twilight, just to find out the latest and what not and see if I could find any news on Peter for my comm, and I just checked my email and got quite a lot, so I scrolled through them and came across this interesting article on Twilight and S Meyer, not read it all. I don't think this has been posted before.  

David Mumpower: Less than three years ago, Stephenie Meyer was a virtual unknown in the publishing world. The author claims to have had a dream wherein she visualized a vampire sitting in a meadow with his human lover. The vamp, Edward Cullen, is enjoying their happiness while still feeling a bloodlust toward the 17-year-old girl, Bella Swan. Within three months, Meyer had put pen to paper and written a gothic romance skewed toward the Gossip Girl crowd.


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