yoursolace (yoursolace) wrote in lion_lamb,

Fanfic: Edward/Bella - Fever, I Know Your Face Just Like A Dove

title. Fever, I Know Your Face Just Like A Dove.
fandom. Twilight.
character/pairing. Edward/Bella.
rating. PG-13.
author(s). A collaboration between apresmoi and yoursolace.
chapter. Two/Two.
universe. The Coming Storm.
summary. During the summer between her junior and senior year, Bella contracts a flu, leaving Edward to nurse her in her impaired state.
excerpt. He was sure if he opened his mouth, remembered that human thing, to breathe, then he'd suck her in, taste her against the back of his throat, be too close and too early and too late all at once.

chapter one | chapter two
Tags: fanfiction
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