breeeeeeeeeennn (inmortal) wrote in lion_lamb,

Christian Serratos is Angela

Christian Serratos posted this at her myspace

Filming Twilight!!!

Hey there guys! I'm off to Oregon to play 'Angela' in "Twilight". I'm so excited! After being cast in "Twilight" I read all three books and now I too am a huge Stephanie Meyer fan. Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse are my favorite books and now I'm off to be apart of the movie. I have been listening and reading up on all the 'Twilight' sites:, twilightlexicon and IMDb. I love all the posters and manips made by the Twilight fans. They are so cool. Everyone is so talented.

Well this is going to be my first time in Oregon and I'm looking forward to visiting all of the sites.

Too much love at you,


Here's here myspace: and her IMDB:

Thanks eyebhdr at imdb
Tags: movie: casting announcement
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