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USA Fans: 4-way Split on Sam's Club Package?!?

Hi Everyone,

So, it's official--I've succumbed and caught the Twilight bug in its entire capacity.  You know that Twilight Fan Package that Sam's Club is offering this upcoming Friday?  You know the one that costs a ludicrous amount of money to buy that no sane person would bid on it?  Well...I'm not a sane person.

I'm also not Mother Teresa.  So, while I could be an awesome friend and take three friends with me out of the goodness of my heart, it's a tight economy and I want to share the wealth and experience with those crazy like me.  Anyhow, the gist of what I'm saying is, does anybody want to go with me and pay their share?

In addition to the info provided by Sam's Club, I snooped over at TM and stole this from them:

Q. Can one person buy the package, and have "friends" pitch in towards the cost?
A. Yes, you can have guests. If it is discovered all or part of the package was re-sold, you may be denied entry in to the events. (ie. no selling it on eBay!)

Q. Can we fly from separate airports?
A. Separate airports is allowable with the understanding that airport transportation is one time to and from for the package.

Q. When does the package go "on sale"?
A. Friday, November 7, 2008. 10PM CST.

Q. Can you give a list of the actors attending?
A. The production company will not allow Sam's club to disclose the actors.

Q. What are the travel/hotel accomodation dates?
A. The hotel accomodations are for three (3) nights.
Night 1 Arrive at hotel (Saturday 11/15/08)
Day 1 "Open" with Spago Lunch (You are there SOLO, NOT with Movie Stars) (Sunday 11/16/08)
Day 2 (Night 3) Attend Première and After party ('meet' stars!) (Monday 11/17/08)
Day 3 Fly Home (Tuesday 11/18/08)

MISC. info:
Spago, Premiere and After Party Provided
Tickets are adaptable to extension as long as fare is not effected. (ie. you could stay longer or go earlier)
Travel may be extended but only before tickets are ordered. (ie. if you choose to do this, you pay and get your own hotel for the nights other than the three covered by the package)
Airline and time of flights is at the selection of Sam's Club.

Anyhow, I have the money to attempt to buy the package.  People interested in going would have to pay me back personally (via Paypal, since a check won't clear in time for the premiere)--it's around $2400 per person.  Via my own rules, I would like any person going with me to be at least 18 because I don't want to be held responsible for minors.  And while I'm sure the TM are all lovely people, I'm 24 and not a mom, so I don't know how much in common I have with them outside of Twilight.  It'd be ideal if I could find people I'm online friends with or people from the Chicago area so I could meet them before hand and not have it be all awkward.

But anyhow, I'm posting this in a couple of places to see if anyone has any interest because if I can find three others who I seemingly mesh with who can go, I'll try to purchase it when it goes on sale (provided I have fast moving fingers).

If you are seriously interested, it's probably best to PM me.


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