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Transcript for new scene..

For those off you who didn't understand everything they were saying..
here's pretty much the whole Kitchen scene etc.

I couldn't understand exactly everything, but it's pretty much all.
i got this with help from the official script leaks and the many versions of the clip that are floating around youtube.

Edited with the help off: </a></font></b></a>little_ponette , some chick on Youtube & everyone else who left a comment!  thanks a heap!

NOTE: in this video you can actually HEAR what they say :O (when the fangirls aren't making freaky noises, that is XD)

TO MODS: thanks!

*Bella and Edward enter house*

Bella: It’s incredible.. so light, and open.. you know
Edward: what did you expect? Coffins and dungeons and moats?
Bella: No, not the moats
Edward *sigh* not the moats..
Edward: This is the one place we don’t have to hide..
Edward: I told them not to do this.

Rosalie: Does she even like Italian?
Emmett: Her name is Bella,.. (the joke is because of her name.. get it)
Carlisle: i'm sure she'll love it.
Rosalie: Oooph, get a whiff of that!
Esme: here comes the human.
Esme:  Bella, we’re making Italiano for you.
Bella: Oh.. *nervous little laugh*
Edward: Bella, this is Esme, my mother for all intents and purposes.
Bella: Bon giorno ?
Esme: Molto bene!
Carlisle: You’ve given us an excuse to use the kitchen for the first time.
Esme: I hope you’re hungry.
Bella:  yeah,  absolutely.
Edward: She already ate.

*Rose destroys bowl*
Rosalie: Perfect!
Bella:  Yea-.. It’s because.. I know you- I know you guys don’t eat. Of course.
Esme:  Of course.. that’s very considerate  of you.
Edward: Ignore Rosalie, I do.
Rosalie: Yeah, let’s just keep pretending this isn’t dangerous for all of us.
Bella: I would never.. tell anybody, anything.
Carlisle: she knows that.
Emmett:  yeah well the problem is, you two have gone public now, so...
*Esme looks at Emmett- Script says she calls his name too.. couldn't hear*
Rosalie: No she should know, the entire family will be implicated when this ends badly.
Bella: Badly.. as in.. I would become the meal?
*everyone chuckles except for Rose, Bella looks awkward*

*Alice and Jasper enter*
Alice: Hi Bella!
          I’m Alice.
          Oh.. you do smell good.
Edward: Alice.. what are you-
Alice: It’s okay Edward, Bella and I are gonna be great friends.
Carlisle: Oh sorry,  Jasper is our newest vegetarian, it’s a little difficult for him.
Jasper: it’s a pleasure to meet you.
Alice: It’s okay Jasper, you won’t hurt her.
Edward: alright, eehhh.. I’ll give you a tour of the rest of the house.
Alice: well.. I’ll see you soon.
Bella: .. Okay

Carlisle: I think that went well..
Esme: Clean this up.. NOW!

Edward: ?
Bella: No..

BELLA: Graduation Caps?
EDWARD: Um. Yeah, Private joke, we matriculate a lot.
BELLA:What a nightmare, repeating high school.
EDWARD:True, but the younger we start out in a new place, the longer we can stay there. Come on

EDWARD: Um. yeah, this is my room.
BELLA: No bed?
EDWARD: no, um, i dont sleep.
BELLA: Ever?
EDWARD: No, not at all.
Bella: Okay..
BELLA: you have so much music. what are you listening to..
EDWARD: Thats debussy.. err..
BELLA: Clair de lune is great.
Edward: What?
Bella: err.. I can't dance.. eh..
Edward: *hmpf* well.. i could always make you..
Bella: I'm not scared off you
Edward: *chuckle*..  you really shouldn´t have said that

EDWARD: you better hold on tight spidermonkey.
EDWARD: Do you trust me?
BELLA: In theory.
EDWARD: Then close your eyes.


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